Meet Our Founder

Jeremy Freeman, President & CEO

Jeremy Freeman is a Chicago native who’s desire is to capture & reveal unspoken truths through the camera lens into all homes, to inspire, educate, motivate & provide endless opportunities for all communities.  He started his television career at the young age of 14 yrs. old in the Media Ministry of his home church. There he met his mentor, Clark Gray, who shared his 30 plus years of knowledge with Jeremy and helped propel his professional start in the industry. 

His first break in television came from working on a syndicated Christmas concert called Christmas Glory that aired on various tv networks across the country, and working with one of the biggest daytime talk show directors in the world Joe Terry of the Oprah Show. Shortly after, Jeremy began working for Oprah Winfrey at the Oprah Show starting out as a fill-in replacement advancing to a permanent cameraman. 

Jeremy began to attract more freelance contracts as Harpo Studios displayed his smooth work. Along the way, he met another mentor by the name of Mark Zuarwiec who helped push Jeremy to maximize his  potential. Jeremy has worked on some of the biggest shows and biggest networks from ESPN, ABC, CBS to Fox, NBC, and the list goes on. Entertainment shows such as Joan Rivers Showtime special, Hannibal Burres Comedy Central Special, Chance the Rapper Magnificent Color Book Concert, & etc. Also sports shows such as Sportscenter, UFC /Fox Pay-per-view & many more!

Jeremy first saw Caprisha Cartwright at his home church 3 years before they officially met and they were like two ships passing in the night with rushing hellos & distant hand-waves. After 3 years, Jeremy was pleased to have found his immeasurably profound helpmate & married her in October 2018. Jeremy’s vision expanded to doing the impossible and even became an emmy award winning SkyCam Operator for outstanding playoff coverage during the 2018 CBS AFC championship. Today, Jeremy works as a Jib Crane Camera Operator for ABC Windy City Live talk show. He also serves as President & CEO of JFree Media & Trillion Plus Productions.